cosmic water leaks

Cosmic Rays Technology for Water Leaks Detection

ESA Startup Competition 2020

Cosmic Srl in Italy is overall winner of the ESA Startup competition.

Imagine finding water losses simply by driving a vehicle, whether public or private.
Possible? Yes!
Find out how by watching the video featuring the new Cosmic technology.

research & development

R & D

Developed on the most modern knowledge of nuclear physics, the new Cosmic Water Leaks system uses the analysis of micro particles of spatial origin to identify water losses on each type of underground pipeline


Observation of Cosmic Rays


Data Aquisition


Field Validation

Step One – Observation of Cosmic Rays


What are cosmic rays?


Particles of various origins (extragalactic, galactic, solar) that continuously hit the Earth.

They are divided into:


  • primary (accidents)


  • secondary (cascade derivation from the former by interaction with the particles in the atmosphere)

Composed of atomic and subatomic particles, they reach the ground and go beyond the Earth.


But not all elements interact in the same way with cosmic rays, and it is precisely on this principle that is based the new Cosmic Technology.

Live streaming from CERN

Below is a live-stream from the large cloud chamber in Microcosm, showing particle tracks as they appear right now in the exhibition. (Operational during Microcosm opening hours.)

The tracks you see are left by particles from the natural radioactivity present in the soil, rocks, water and air and also the particle showers created by cosmic rays from outer space

Step Two – Data Aquisition & Processing

A practical example of how data collection works


Here you can see a practical example of how the tool works





data aquisition cosmic

The research method is based on an appropriate detector that counts cosmic rays in a certain energy band. The tool records all the data received, crossed with GPS position and the collected datas are constantly send to the server for the real time elaboration.

Step Three – Field Validation


Last step, the collected data are confirmed


The collected data are confirmed by the tool






The data collected and processed are confirmed by the teams on the field with suitable equipment.

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